Typical Damage/Nuisance Caused:

Opossum will eat out of garbage cans. They will dig and live under decks, sheds, homes, and other structures.

Quick Facts:

Opossum are distant cousins of kangaroos; they both have exterior stomach pouches for carrying their young.

Opossum have never been found to carry rabies, and scientists are still trying to discover where their stong immunity to this disease comes from.

Opossum do carry a disease called Equine Encephalitis which is harmful to horses in captivity


Solutions for Controlling Opossums:

Capturing and removing the offending opossum is only half of a solution. You must try and control why they are there. Animals are always around because they have found food, shelter, or food and shelter at your house:

• Keep lockable trash lids on your trash cans.

• Keep pet food inside the house during the night time.

• Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed up from the bottom to remove hiding areas.

• Install Exclusion Fences around structures like decks or sheds where opussums may went to dig under and live.