Typical Damage/Nuisance Caused:

Coyotes will Kill and eat livestock and pets kept outside. High populations can also destroy the number of local upland game such as: pheasants, grouse, turkeys, rabbits, and even fox.

Quick Facts:

Coyotes have great instincts and are very adaptable to changing environments (ie. city and urban areas). Unlike most dogs and wolves, coyotes run with their tails down.

The coyotes in Michigan are not like the scrawny Wile E. Coyote seen on "The Road Runner" cartoon; we have caught many that look like full grown german shepards.

In our opinion, coyotes are the least spoken of nuisance animal that's has been rapidly growing in the recent years. There are many more out there, including near the city and in urban areas, than people want to admit.