Typical Damage/Nuisance Caused:

Bats have found it desirable to roost in the attics, soffits, and in the wall voids of our homes and other buildings.

Bats are not aggressive creatures,but they are the number one carriers of rabies in Michigan. Their feces carry multiple diseases harmful to humans. Their feces, also called guano, can develop a fungus which left alone can release spores causing histoplasmosis. This left untreated can cause severe respiratory problems.

Bats can carry a mite called the Bat Bug which is similar to a biting Bed Bug. These mites are normally found with large colonies of bats.

Quick Facts:

Bats are mammals, they have their young live and nurse them with milk. Bats are carnivores and have sharp teeth like a cat for catching and eating insects.

Their wings are not made of feathers like a bird, but rather made of skin. Some types of bats fly south for the winter, but many types stick around and hibernate in tree hollows, caves, and in your attic!